Chiefs of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Chiefs of Defense Intelligence of Ukraine

Lieutenant-General Oleksandr O. SKIPAL'SKIY

Born in Volyn’ Region in 1945.

In 1975 he graduated from the KGB High College of the USSR

He took up his post on October 16, 1992.

Colonel-General Igor P. SMESHKO

Born in Cherkassy Region in 1955.

In 2000 he graduated from the National Defense Academy of Ukraine, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor.

He took up his post on June 9, 1997.

Colonel-General Victor M. PALIY

Born in Dnipropetrovsk Region in 1949.

In 1988 he graduated from the General Staff Academy of the USSR Armed Forces.

He took up his post on September 29, 2000.  

Oleksandr I. GALAKA

Born in Kharkiv City in 1955.

In 1987 he graduated from the Army Air Defense Military Academy;

in 2000 graduated from the National T.Shevchenko University of Kyiv.

He took up his post on March 13, 2003.

Lieutenant-General Victor I. HVOZD

Born in Ternopyl Region in 1959.

In 1981 he graduated from the M.Frunze High Combined Arms Commanding College;

in 1997 graduated from the I.Franko State University in Lvyv (Faculty of Law);

in 2005 graduated from the Kyiv University of Economics and Law, Master of Law;

in 2009 graduated from the Military Diplomatic Academy, Master of Defence Management.

PhD in Military Science. Honored Lawyer of Ukraine.

He took up his post on January 17, 2008.

Colonel-General Serhiy O. HMYZA

Born in 1960 in Odessa Region.


1981 – military academy;

1991 – Military Diplomatic Academy;

2008 – Ukrainian State University, Master of International Law.

Appointed Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine on 17 August, 2010.

Major-General Yurii A. PAVLOV

Born in Lviv Region in 1962.

In 1983 graduated from Khmelnytskyi High Artillery School named after Marshal of Artillery M. D. Yakovliev.

1984-1986 served on the territory of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan.

In 1992 graduated from the Military Diplomatic Academy of the Soviet Army in Moscow.

1992-2011 served in the system of Military Intelligence of Ukraine.

Appointed as Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine on March 3, 2014.