U.S.-Ukraine Military Cooperation Is Important For the Security of the Entire Eastern European Region

November 25, 2021
This was stated by Brigadier General Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Brigadier General Kyrylo Budanov, the Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, has made a working trip to the United States of America.

Commenting for the press service of the intelligence agency of the national defence ministry, he noted that today the United States-Ukraine cooperation in the security and defence sector, including military intelligence, has reached a qualitatively new level: there is a bilateral awareness of the unprecedented challenges facing Ukraine and the entire democratic community of the world.

"The level of military-technical cooperation, which Ukraine and the United States are demonstrating, strengthens the security of Eastern European area and is no less important than other fronts of free democratic societies that counter the newest hybrid challenges, including from the Russian ruling regime," Kyrylo Budanov said.

Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine noted that the leadership of the Ukrainian state and the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine highly appreciate the fundamental contribution of the USA in deterring hybrid aggression, which has been waging against Ukraine by Putin's regime for more than seven years, as well as an active participation in reforming of the security and defence sector of our state.

"Without the independent and stable Ukrainian state, there will be no reliable secure environment not only in Eastern European area, but throughout Europe. Therefore, the strengthening U.S.-Ukraine military cooperation also strengthens the security of the whole Eastern Europe. Putin is playing on the contradictions between the countries, and this can be countered only by cooperation," Brigadier General Kyrylo Budanov added.