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Representatives of the UNIFIER Mission to Ukraine Trained Cadets-Reconnaissance Men Modern C2 Forms

December 13, 2020 / News Agency of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine “Army Inform”
Final stage of the TLP training course has been completed in the Military Academy (based in Odesa). Representatives of the UNIFIER International Mission to Ukraine have been teaching cadets of the faculty of preparation of specialists of military intelligence and the Special Forces for one month.

The training consisted of three stages. At first stage that lasted for two weeks the cadets mastered theoretical part of the course. In particular, they learned to identify the tactical insignia of NATO member countries, received basic information about the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) and troop-leading procedures (TLP). All these gave the students an opportunity to feel themselves confidently during practical exercises at the third and fourth weeks.

It was third stage when the cadets occupied the positions of commanders of sections or platoons. And despite the fact that the trainings were held in classrooms, the instructors of mission organized them with simulation of the situation as close to real hostilities as possible. Each cadet received an operation order, analyzed it, developed course of actions, and then drew up a combat order taking into account all circumstances that could affect the task.

The final phase of the training was to strengthen skills, gained in the course of field exercises. Future reconnaissance platoon leaders practiced the work of the commander in accordance with the TLP doctrine in the conditions as close to combat situation as possible. Discharging the function of platoons leaders and sections leaders, they maintained command and control by the units, adhering the TLP’s protocol and order.

– For me, this training is very useful in view of mastering the skills of modern C2 forms and methods, – cadet Oleksand shared his expressions. – Although I have already a combat experience, I was in command of a section in the JFO area, new knowledge and skills are very useful for me.

− Training of your cadets according to TLP educational course is not only experience that will come useful for future officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in everyday service but it is a part of skills and knowledge required for effective work within the framework of cooperation with NATO member-countries, − Mission’s representatives underscored.