“Current Russia Has No True History”

October 24, 2019
Russian authorities rewrite its military history in view of political needs

Ukrainian renowned military historian Vasyl Pavlov was telling about this the workforce of the military intelligence of Ukraine. In particular, during the meeting, it was discussed the issues on refutation of the Russian myths about the military history of Russia and Ukraine, the counteraction to hostile propaganda and the restoration of national-military traditions in the Ukrainian army.

“We will actively continue to form a basis, dedicated to military-historical work and its ideological component, because the future of the Ukrainian nation and state depends on it,” the historian said.

At the end of the lecture Vasyl Borysovych noted that servicemen should learn more about the heroic exploits of the Ukrainian people, courage and unconquerable spirit of Ukrainians, the glorious path of their nation, who has been fighting for independence for centuries, only by being deep in real world and national history.