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Memorial Plaque Is Unveiled in Vyshhorod in the Honour of Defender of Ukraine Dmytro Bullo

September 26, 2020 / “Pohliad” News Agency

Colonel Dmytro Leonidovych Bullo, the intelligence officer and employee of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine once finished Vyshhorod school no.1. And he came back again – but he has already been immortalized at the memorial plaque placed according to decision of executive committee of Vyshhorod local council.

“Since the beginning of the Russian aggression against our state, he was at front where he headed one of the military intelligence units. He was wounded, but he didn’t leave the personnel and continued performing assigned tasks. It is not time to tell about these tasks but one can say that thanks to his work a lot of lives of our defenders were saved, hundreds of mothers waited for their sons and daughters, and wives for their husbands. The leadership of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine highly appreciated results of Dmytro Bullo’s work, as his numerous awards are evidence of this, in particular “For Courage in Performing Special Tasks” award is one of the highest awards of the intelligence agency of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. Wounds, frantic working rhythm and huge workloads did ‘black’ deed – the heart stopped beating,” as it is said on the Facebook page of the Vyshhorod secondary school no.1.

Teachers note that 46-year-old Volodymyr Bullo was a single child in the family. Dmytro Leonidovych left two sons…

Dmytro Bullo’s relatives and combat sworn brothers, who had come to the unveiling ceremony of the memorial plaque, were warmly saying about the intelligence officer. “They recalled that had constantly felt his support because Dmytro Bullo was a real warrior, courage officer and a Man with capital M,” school’s teachers said.